Oceans ?08 ? MTS/IEE Quebec

For Students

The Student Poster Program and Competition has been an integral and important part of the OCEANS Conferences since 1989. The program is designed to foster and promote student involvement in technical societies and conferences and to provide a forum for the student to interact with marine professionals.

It is open to engineering and science graduate and undergraduate students of any tertiary level university or college worldwide. The program is supported by a grant from the US Navy Office of Naval Research.

The posters will be judged by a panel of judges and prices will be awarded at the Conference Banquet. The posters will be on display in the Exhibition area throughout the OCEANS Conference. They will be on display from 2:00 - 5:00 PM on Tuesday and all day on Wednesday and Thursday. Students will be at their posters during breaks and free periods.

You are invited and encouraged to view the posters and talk with the students. The roster of students and poster titles are:

Terrain Based Navigation for Underwater Vehicles using Side Scan Sonar Images (080425-001)
Mr. Severin Stalder

Increasing Ship Roll Stability by Using Anti-rolling Tanks (080428-001)
Mr. Tuan Phan Anh

Modelling Tidal Turbines (080513-008)
Ms. Naomi Turner

Automated Quantification of Gradient Defined Features (080513-022)
Mr. Tom Fedenczuk

Oil Spill Contingency Planning using Laser Fluorosensors and Web-Based GIS (080513-025)
Mr. Maya Jha

Ocean Energy (080514-027)
Ms. Oghenevwori Okorie

Study on key technologies of Construction of Marine Geomagnetic Filed Model Based on Polynomial Method (080514-056)
Mr. Shengping Wang

Fast phytoplankton classification from emission fluorescence spectra based on Self-Organizing Maps (080515-021)
Mr. Ismael Aymerich

SINS initial alignment method using Robust filtering for Towed Ocean Bottom Magnetometer (080515-031)
Ms. De Huang

Methodology for Modelling Tidal Turbine Characteristics (080515-039)
Ms. Emma Robinson

Visitor Interactions with 3-D Visualizations on a Spherical Display at a Science Museum (080515-042)
Ms. Céleste Barthel

A study of annulus lubrication for oil well completion using scale model tests (080515-054)
Mr. Morgan Adams

Shallow Water Height Mapping with Interferometric Synthetic Aperture Sonar (080515-072)
Mr. Sergio Silva

An Unmanned Surface Vehicle for Undergraduate Engineering Science Education (080515-090)
Mr. Joseph Holler

Development and Initial Testing of a SWATH Boat for Shallow-water Bathymetry (080515-156)
Mr. Paul Mahacek

Passive Broadband Source Localization in Shallow-water Multipath Acoustic Channels (080515-173)
Mr. Jeffrey Rogers

Stray-light correction of in-water array spectroradiometers, effects on underwater optical measurements (080516-009)
Ms. Elena Torrecilla

Diving behavior of female loggerhead turtles (Caretta caretta) during their internesting interval and an evaluation of the risk of boat strikes (080521-001)
Jacob Sobin

Enhanced Pilot Aided Channel Estimation using Lagrange Interpolation and Pilot Symbol Cancellation in Rayleigh-fading Multipath Channels (080527-002)
Mr. Karim Ouertani

A Wind and Solar-Powered Autonomous Surface Vehicle for Sea Surface Measurements (080530-001)
Mr. Patrick Rynne

Identification and function of new proteins in calcified endoskeleton: a new insight in the calcification mechanism of soft corals (080530-007)
Mr. M. Azizur Rahman

Study of Vessel Wakes in Sensitive Inland Waterways (080613-002)
Mr. Jon Mikkelsen

If you would like to submit a student poster, please go to the abstract submission page.

Financial help for travel expenses is available under certain circumstances. To find out, or for any information relative to the students technical program, please contact:

Norman D. Miller, P. Eng.
Student Posters Chair
Oceans ’08 MTS/IEEE Quebec Steering Committee
IEEE/OES Student Activities Coordinator
e-mail: n.miller@ieee.org