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Proposed Tours and Activities in the Quebec Area

1- Whale Watching in Charlevoix (10 hours with lunch)

The Charlevoix Region offers a fascinating panorama. Capes and valleys follow one another along with rivers and brooks. The Charlevoix scenery has seduced painters, poets, writers and musicians for hundreds of years. You also will be impressed. These exceptional characteristics have earned the area the rare recognition of Biosphere Reserve by the United Nations Unesco’s in November 1988.

On your way to Charlevoix, you will discover the beauty of the Côte de Beaupré, the coastline just outside Québec. Our guide will point out the best sites and tell you about some of the fascinating facts about the history of the area: Montmorency Falls, the Island of Orleans, and the Basilica of Sainte-Anne-de-Beaupré, the Mont Ste-Anne Ski Resort, Cap Tourmente, and more.

Your luxury motor coach will take you 200 km (120 mi) north-east of Québec to the Saguenay fjord at the junction of the Saguenay and the St-Lawrence rivers.

This region is a feeding ground for 13 species of whales, amongst which, the blue whale, the most imposing animal on Earth. This gargantuan mammal can attain 25 m (82 ft.) in length! The second-largest cetacean, the fin whale, can be found there as well. Numerous species of rorquals can also be seen in the river, including the humpback whale. In addition to these two giants, you might see porpoises and dolphins. Lastly, you will probably catch a flash of white floating on the waves: these are belugas, the small arctic whales that live in the St-Lawrence year-round.

There, you will board an excursion boat for a whale watching cruise. During your three-hour cruise, experts will tell you how to recognize the different species and you will learn about these wonderful mammals’ habitats and feeding habits.

Your program includes:
  • A guide for the entire program;
  • Transportation by deluxe motor coach;
  • A 3-hour whale watching excursion with description and explanations by an expert marine biologist;
  • Lunch on the excursion boat at 13h00;
  • Return to Québec at 19H00.

Price/person: CAD 153.50 (Min. 30 people, service and taxes included)

Departure: 9H00 AM
Return: 19H00
Total Duration: 10 hours

Recommendation: warm and weatherproof clothes, binoculars and/or camera.

2- Quebec - Walking Through History Tour (5 hours with lunch)

The program starts with a one-hour conference on the highlights of Quebec City’s history. Armed with this knowledge, you will walk within the walls of the Old City and make contact with four centuries of history. Your professional tour guide will point out the most interesting sites as only a Québécois can.

This tour includes the following sites: the National Assembly and Parliament Hill, the Plains of Abraham (National Battlefield Park), where two empires from the Old World fought to the finish for possession of the continent and where the two commanding generals, the French Louis-Joseph de Montcalm and the British James Wolfe, were killed. You will visit the Citadel and the Old City, situated within the heavy walls, built to protect it from invading enemy! You will then proceed to Place Royale and the Petit Champlain, the oldest street in North America.

Your program includes:

  • Start from the Convention;
  • Professional tour-guide;
  • Lunch in one of the typical restaurant of the old city in small groups
  • Return to your hotel or remain in the old city and come back on your own.

Price/person: CAD 49.75 (Min. 15 people, service and taxes included)

Departure: 9H00 AM
Return: 14H00
Total Duration: 5 hours

Recommendation: Comfortable shoes.

3- Quebec City and Area and Bus Tour (8 hours, with lunch):

- Battlefield Park
- Promenade de Champlain
- First Nation Site
- Montmorency Falls

We will visit the most important sites of the old city to get a good understanding of its history, stopping along the way to get a good view of many spectacular sites. Our bus will then take us along the battlefield and on to the new « Promenade de Champlain » that meanders along the St-Lawrence River. Our ride will take you to the Quebec Bridge, to this day the longest cantilevered bridge span in the world, and considered a major engineering feat. The bridge was declared a historic monument in 1987 by the Canadian and American Society of Civil Engineers.

We will then proceed to the first nation traditional village and historical site. We will have lunch on the site with a typical first nation menu. Discover the habits and traditional way of living of the first inhabitants.

On way back, we propose a stop at the Montmorency Falls to discover the exceptional views available there. The participants can visit the Interpretation Centre and make their way to the falls walking along the panoramic trail edging the cliffs. At 84 m (274 ft), the falls are 98 ft higher than the Niagara Falls and offer a spectacular view.

Your program includes:

  • A guided tour aboard a luxury bus;
  • Professional guide from Hospitalité Québec for the duration of the program;
  • A visit of the city most important sites;
  • A tour of the battlefields;
  • A drive along the Promenade de Champlain;
  • A visit of the first nation village and historical site;
  • Lunch at the First nation traditional restaurant;
  • A stop to 82 meters-high Montmorency Falls;
  • A visit to the falls and the interpretation centre;
  • Return ride to Quebec City.

Price/person: CAD 110.50 (minimum 30 people, service and taxes included)

Departure: 9H00 AM
Return: 16H00 PM
Total Duration: 7 hours

Recommendation: Comfortable shoes.

4- Dinner on the St-Lawrence (5 hours)

You will depart from the Convention for a 10-minutes bus ride to the M/V Louis-Jolliet cruise ship, in time for dinner and the subsequent cruise.

When the evening comes, the Louis Jolliet changes into a cruise ship: 3 dinning areas (one with an elevated stage), each with its own dance floor, plus one large exterior terrace that covers the whole stern of the ship. As on real cruise ships, one has the opportunity of designing the evening as one wishes: a full dinner in one of the restaurants, or a fast snack between two dance sets. Our guide will organize your transportation back to your hotel.

Price/person: CAD 75.50 (Min. 20 people, service and taxes included)

Departure: 18H00 PM
Return: 23H00 PM
Total Duration: 5 hours

Recommendation: Warm clothes, camera.